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Ružomberok chess club will organize the 33th annual European tournament Mitropa Cup 2014 under the authority of executive board of Slovak chess federation in the Atrium of the hotel Kultura in the town Ružomberok in days 22 May – 31 May 2014. The tournament will be played in two sections, men and women according to the Swiss System with the time control of 90 minutes /40 moves + 30 minutes (30 second bonus starting from the first move).

As a part of this tournament, there will be accompanying events: the 5th annual Dušan Pečner memorial FIDE Blitz chess tournament, the 17th annual traditional Ružomberok Mayor's Cup FIDE Rapid Open chess tournament, at the same time as Slovak Rapid Chess Championship and also Live chess in the town centre.

The event fell under the aegis of PhDr. Dušan Čaplovič, DrSc., Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The guarantor of the event is PaedDr. Jan Pavlik, mayor of Ružomberok town.

Winner of the last Mitropa Cup in Open tournament was Croatia, Germans were awarded with silver and the Czech Republic took the third place. Our Slovak expedition ended up on the fourth place.

Slovak representation won the women section, the second place was taken by Germans and the bronze went to Italy.


May 31, 2014 - The tenth day

The tournament culminated by the last round with early begining at 9 hour. The strongest two teams played in the last round and already the very last round decided that the winner of this year’s Mitropa Cup will become Hungarian Team and Germans moved to the second place. For Italian women it was enough to reach even a draw with Slovenia. Besides many candidates, requirements for title norms were fullfiled only by 2 girls: Exler and Wozniak and boy Jarmula. The best progress of the tournament was played by Peter Acs from Hungary. The third place in Open section was reached after a draw by the Slovak Team. The second were Germans in the women’s section and bronze is taken to Austria.

Results - OPEN
Slovakia A 2 : 2 Poland
Slovakia B 2 : 2 France
Czech Republic 2½ : 1½ Austria
Germany 1½ : 2½ Hungary
Switzerland 2½ : 1½ Italy
Results - WOMEN
Slovakia A ½ : 1½ Poland
Slovakia B 1½ : ½ Czech Republic B
Czech Republic A 0 : 2 Austria
Germany 2 : 0 Hungary
Slovenia 1 : 1 Italy

Goodbye in Austria on the Mitropa Cup 2015 in a year, thank you for observing and we are looking forward to early observing again.


Videos from MITROPA CUP 2014

Videos from MSR Rapid 2014

Mitropa Cup 2014 schedule

22 May - 31 May Mitropa CUP 2014
23 May Live chess
23 May - 24 May FIDE RAPID OPEN Ružomberok
25 May Dusan Pecner Memorial Fide blitz tournament